We buy old guns, pistols, revolvers
We buy revolutionary war guns, muskets, firearms, powder horns, powder flask an accessories
We buy military weapons, rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers and memorabilia.
We buy civil war guns, gun accessorie and memorabilia
We buy western shotguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers and memorabilia.

We Buy Guns.  We Buy Individual Firearms , We Buy Gun Collections and We Buy Estate Gun Collections.

We buy shotguns and accessories.
We buy Civil War Relics and Memorabilia
Onmark USA pays cash for guns, gun collections and estate Gun Collections.


If you're a gun owner wanting to sell one gun, a gun collector wanting to sell a gun collection or you have inherited an estate gun collection and want to sell it, we're interested in talking with you.


OnMark USA buys all types of guns, gun accessories and memorabilia.

As a service provider to gun collectors, firearm enthusiasts and historic memorabilia collectors, we're always excited to talk with people about their interest and needs in the gun world.   We buy and sell guns throughout the country, traveling to guns shows, firearm auctions, exchanging emails and photos or talking on the phone, we're always available to you and we love what we do.



We buy guns from all eras, manufacturers and countries.

Want to sell your old flintlock, shotgun, handgun, or rifle from "who knows where? We're interested.  Did someone give you a relic or firearm that you don't want or need and you want to sell it.  We're interested and we will buy your gun or gun collection for cash.  We pay top dollar for your gun regardless of the number of pieces you have for sale.


We'll buy your collection or you can consign your gun collection with us.

We can purchase you gun collection all at once.  This gives you the advantage of immediate payment without waiting until they are all sold individually.

Consigning your gun collection is an alternative and may return you the most money. Depending on the number of pieces, it maybe take a few months or longer.  When you consign your gun collection with us, we take full advantage of the sources we have to sell your guns.  Specific gun shows, specific on-line and live auctions, our Internet sales and we utilize our vast network of gun collectors that we have worked with for many years.

Together, (you and OnMark) we will price each piece based on the market, manufacturer, model and condition.  Once priced, you can be confident we will not sell your item for less than we agreed upon.  If we are offered a price that is "close" and we believe you may be interested in the price, we will call you for your decision.


We're excited to talk with you!

At OnMark USA, we're serious about guns. We're a federally licensed firearms dealer (FFL), fellow enthusiasts, collectors and historians.  This is what we do.  We look forward to talking with you about your collection.

We buy antique rifles
We by antique pistols
We buy rifles and accessories.
Onmark, Onmarkusa buys guns, single pieces, collections and estate gun collections.
onmark has a large inventory of guns, shotguns, rifles, pistols, revolvers and accesories
we'll trade for your gun
we appraise guns for free.
We buy war relics, memorabilia
We buy all brands and models of firearms.
We buy pistols and revolvers
We buy firearm memorabilia
  • What to Do With Your Guns

    1. PLEASE, leave the gun in its original condition. Clean your with a gun oil and clean rag. Maintain the original finish and parts to maximize the value.
    2. Store it in a safe place, away from excessive temperature or humidity changes. (No attics)
    3. If you are storing your gun in a gun case, make sure the case does not attract moisture.  Many guns have been ruined by leaving it in a case that absorbes moisture or offers no protection.
    4. Talk with knowledgeable people in the gun world. Ask questions, Get referrences.
  • What NOT to Do With Your Guns

    1. Don't clean your gun using steel wool or anything else to try to improve the condition. YOU MAY SEVERELY DAMAGE THE GUN AND DECREASE THE VALUE.
    2. Don't let anyone "cherry pick" your collection. They'll buy the best pieces and leave you with items you can't sell.
    3. Don't ship them off to some anyone unless you know them or get good references.


How to clean, store and handle your gun.
Don't ruin your gun or sell in pieces.
We buy western memorabilia
We buy Civil WarGuns, Relics and Memorabilia
We buy military firearms
We buy military firearms, pistols

How can we help?

Jack Cochran is an expert in shotguns, sporting rifles, hand guns and gun accessories. John Parker is an expert in Military firearms, militaria and antique guns.

About OnMark USA

Located in Greensboro, NC, OnMark USA is a federally licensed firearms dealer (FFL).  OnMark USA provides Gun Collector's Services throughout the United States.  Buy, Sell, Trade or Appraise, we look forward to talking with you about your needs. Please call or email with your questions anytime!

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