How do I ship or mail firearms?

You can ship firearms USPS, FedEx, UPS or other carriers.  Be sure to check with the carrier for any restrictions.  For example, FedEx requires any ammunition to identified and labeled as a hazardous material requiring special handling.

How do I get the most money for my collection?

Selling your collection all at once is the quickest and simplest way but consigning your collection will get you the most money.  Consigning your collection will take the longest time.  Depending on the number of pieces, models and desirability to collectors, it could take months; maybe longer.

How do we settle a gun collection from an estate?

Most estate collections are sold all at once and a total price is paid at the time of sale.  IMPORTANT: OnMarkUSA will buy your entire collection not just the few best pieces.  Many times a dealer will "cherry pick" your collection, buying only the best pieces and leaving you with less desirable hard to sell items.  It's best to sell ALL ITEMS at one time. If you don't need the money right away, consider consignment.

If I consign my collection, how long until I get paid?

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Do I have to have a license to buy or sell a gun?

No, if you are an individual: Yes, if you are in the business of buying or selling guns. Guns made in 1898, or, prior are considered antique and do not fall under these laws.  Each state has its own laws or regulations that govern which guns cannot be sold in the state. Check with a local FFL dealer to be sure.

Can I sell my gun online?

Yes. If you're selling it out-of-state, you must ship it to a licensed FFL dealer where the buyer can pick it up.

Can I buy a gun online?

Yes. If you're buying it from an out-of-state party, it must be shipped to a licensed FFL dealer in your state wher you can pick it up.

Items that are sold directly to OnMarkUSA will be paid immediately upon inspection. Obviously, we need more than a picture.  We need to see the condition and verify the features, serial numbers, etc.  Consignments are a little different.  Small collections are paid immediately upon the sale of the item.  Larger collections are usually paid once a month, or so, because of the volume.  We work specifically with each person to meet their needs.

Will you come to my house to look at my collection?

Yes.  We're traveling all the time to look at, and buy, collections.  How far really depends on the quantity.  Call us about your needs and we'll try to make the necessary arrangements.

Do you buy anything other than firearms?

Absolutely! We're interested in anything related to firearms, military or antique.  We buy books, memorabilia, gun accessories (scopes, clips, cases, etc), swords; just about anything related.

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